The Top 30 Best Special Effects Products for Sale Online

Browse our top 30 best special effects makeup products for sale online. Whether you're going for the zombie apocalypse look or the latest princess, La Cosmica has the perfect makeup tools for your attire. Below are reviews for some of the top best special effects makeup products including fake blood, modeling wax, makeup palettes, and other awesome products. 

30. Alcohol Activated Skin Illustrator Palette by PPI - $80.00

Special effects makeup(SFX) is perfect for creating zombie, ogre, and other mutant-creature looks for stage, theatre and Halloween party. Skin Illustrator FX Palette is designed specially to do the special effects makeup. It is 99% alcohol activated and can be used to simulate any kind of injuries, burns, cuts and other bruises. The different shades in the FX Pallete help to mimic different tones of the flesh. It can be used by both experts and novices alike. A single FX Pallete can last a long while and is valuable in anyone's makeup kit.

29. Light-Medium Special Effects Makeup - $45.95

Theatrical Pro Makeup Kits are perfect for both professionals and amateurs. The items included in this kit are ideal for all kinds of makeup including special effects makeup. The smooth textured, highly pigmented creams are very easy to use and open unlimited possibilities for the creativity of a makeup artist. This makeup kit contains everything needed for makeup starting from different shades of foundation to more advanced makeup items like liquid latex, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, wax, bruise wheel etc. This is a must-have makeup kit for everyone. 

28. Multi-color Special Effects Makeup Palette - $60.00

Skin Illustrator FX Makeup Palette, which comes in eight different colors, is specifically designed for special effects makeup. The 99% alcohol activated, richly pigmented creams make the colors last longer. With this makeup kit, it is easy to simulate any kind of injury, burns, or illness. The blood tone of the kit helps in creating the natural blood which doesn't flake when dried out. This blood can be made to look fresh and dripping for hours by using KY Jelly. All the colors are water resistant and blend perfectly with FLESH TONE Palette.

27. Nude Color Scar and Wound Special Effects Makeup - $34.47

Wound / Scar Makeup Wax is ideal for creating fake wounds and scars. This modeling wax comes in nude colors, which blend very well with the skin tones and is ideal to simulate a variety of wounds, cuts, burns, and the other scars. A little body heat is enough to make it soft and easy to work with. A little spray of alcohol helps a lot to sculpt wax into cuts, scars or to even blocking eyebrows. This wax makes an important item of the special effects makeup and together with FX Makeup Palette can simulate any kind of grotesque wound.

26. Sweat and Tears Special Effects Liquid - $7.38

Special Effects Liquid makeup is a must-have for any screen or theatrical performance. This liquid should be applied with a brush or sponge to simulate artificial tears or sweat. More application makes more tears. This liquid doesn't dry and stays longer. It is made of Glycerine and is safe on the skin. This is a useful item in the special effects makeup kit that creates realistic tears and sweat and enhances the performance of the artists.

25. Flesh Color Modeling Wax Special Effects Makeup - $10.99

Graftobian Modeling Wax is a makeup wax that is generally used to create grotesque additions to the skin like warts, bruises, and burns. It is an essential part of the special effects makeup, which is used generally to add scary distortions to face, block eyebrows etc. This comes in flesh tone but can easily blend with other makeup. Generally, it is used along with spirit gum and liquid latex for sealing and blending with the surrounding skin. It is very easy to use, as it is pliable at body temperature and creates endless possibilities in special effects makeup.

24. Fake Blood Special Effects Makeup - $8.99

Moon Glow Fake blood is ideal for stage, screen, and Halloween makeup. It is super thick and has the natural viscosity of the blood, which makes it very realistic. It is a very good choice for simulating wounds, bruises or other gory special effects makeup. It is made of natural ingredients and is safe to use on the face and body. It comes off easily with soapy water and is easy to use.

23. Skin Tone Colored Gelatin for Special Effects Makeup -  $10.56

FX Gelatin cubes form an important part of the special effects makeup. They are generally used for making prosthetics and to simulate scars, wounds, burns, and scary skin contusions. Once it is melted either in a double boiler or microwave, it is very easy to use and is safe on the skin. It never goes waste as it can be re-melted and used again. It blends well with other makeup and can look very realistic. It can be removed easily with soap and water. It is ideal for theatre and Halloween themed parties.

22. Tooth Black Special Effects Makeup - $10.99

Black Tooth makeup is perfect for simulating a missing tooth. It is part of the special effects makeup and can create the rotten or missing-tooth look for the zombies and other gory creatures. It is nontoxic and can be removed easily by brushing the teeth. It is easy to use and creates amazing results when combined with other special effects makeup. It can be used lightly to simulate the rotten tooth look. It is ideal for stage, screen makeup as well as Halloween parties. 

21. Squirt Blood for Special Effects Makeup - $13.99

Makeup squirt blood is another important item in the special effects makeup and is used to simulate splattered blood. This water-based fake blood comes in bright arterial color and can mimic real blood when used with appliances that can squirt liquid. It is generally used in theatrical and stage makeup to simulate accidents and other gory incidents. It is also used for Halloween and other themed parties, where it can be used to depict vampires and zombies with blood oozing out of their mouths or bodies. It is of flowing consistency but can dry after a while. It can be removed easily with soapy water.

20. Barrier Spray for Long-lasting Special Effects Makeup - $14.34

Barrier spray is an essential part of any makeup and not just special effects make up. It protects sensitive skin and also makes the makeup last longer. It will not make the makeup run down by sweat. It should be sprayed on the clean face before applying the makeup and then again after the makeup is done to seal or fix the makeup to last longer. It also protects makeup from rubbing on the costumes. Generally used by theatre artists, and clowns, it is also used by people wearing costumes at Halloween parties. It is easily removed by makeup remover.

19. Mini-Pro Student Special Effects Kit for Medium Skin Tone - $16.79

Mini-Pro student makeup kit is ideal for both professionals and amateurs alike. The makeup kit has everything one needs for makeup, including makeup tools, like sponges, brushes, puffs, and pencils. It has 4 shades of foundation, 2 shades each of eye and lip creams. It has a variety of shades of foundations and creams suitable for different skin tones. It comes with an instruction booklet with step by step instructions for doing special effects makeup. It is developed by professionals and is ideal for artists.

18. Body Paint with 12 Color Palette - $18.96

LuckyFine face and body Paint comes in 12 vibrant colors and is ideal for body and face artistic makeup. Its richly pigmented and cream based colors are easy to use for both professional and amateur artists. The paints are safe to use on body and face. The colors can be mixed to create more shades and provide endless possibilities for special effects makeup. The kit also includes 4 painting brushes. The paints are easily removable with makeup remover or any kind of cleanser. It is perfect for kids Halloween and pool parties. 

17. Body Face Paint for Special Effects Makeup - $29.99

This grease paint kit is perfect for body and face painting. These washable paints come in 12 richly pigmented colors and are easy to use. They are ideal for any kind of body and face art as well as tattoos. These colors when mixed make different shades and are very useful for professional special effects makeup artists. They are safe on skin and can be used as a makeup for occasions like Halloween, pool parties, themed parties and carnivals. They are safe for children with no allergies. It comes with necessary brushes for painting and is easy to use.

16. Fair Complexion Mini-Pro Special Effects Kit - $19.69

Mehron mini-pro theatrical kit comes in 4 shades of foundations, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and a color set powder. It also comes with the necessary makeup brushes, pencils, sponges and puffs for the application of the makeup. Even though it is mainly aimed at the stage and special effects makeup artists, it is also perfect for Halloween and other themed party makeup. This kit will last up to 10 - 15 applications. What's more, it comes with an instruction book with step by step instructions for various makeup techniques.

15. Severe Trauma Special Effects Makeup - $22.50

Graftobian Severe Trauma Kit is specially designed for simulating cuts, wounds, burns, and bruises in a realistic way. It is a must-have for any special effects makeup artist. The kit includes high-quality professional makeup items such as Severe trauma wheel, Powder, Spirit Gum, Blood Gel, Modeling Wax and other items needed for applying makeup like brushes, puffs, sponges etc. It also comes with full-color instructions and can safely remove either with a makeup remover or soapy water.

14. Severe Trauma Special Effects Makeup Wheel -  $19.99

Graftobian Severe Trauma Wheel is ideal to mimic any kind of injury, wound, and burn realistically. This kit is cream based and is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe on the skin and easy to remove. It has 6 cream based foundations that are essential for simulating any kind of wound. It comes with one-ounce wheel palettes that can easily be part of any special effects makeup kit. This kit is perfect for theatrical and Halloween makeup.

13. Dark Flesh Liquid Latex for Special Effects Makeup - $29.49

Mehron Makeup Liquid latex is an essential part of the special effects makeup. This latex helps in creating the fake skin in wounds, cuts, wrinkles and other creepy features in alien or zombie makeup. The liquid latex is generally used in making the prosthetics in special effects makeup. This liquid latex comes in dark flesh tone and blends easily with the natural skin color. It can be further blended into the skin by using foundation and other makeup. It dries very quickly and easy to use. It is safe on the skin and can be removed with soap and water.

12. Essential Hydrocolor Face Paint Palette - $29.97

Wolfe FX Hydrocolor makeup kit is best for face and body paint. It comes in 12 richly pigmented vibrant colors and is everything a face and body paint artist ever needs. The colors are all water based and are perfect for sensitive skin of the children. The colors can be blended with other colors to make new ones and stay long without creasing and flaking. They are creamy and provide the amazing coverage required when using in combination with special effects makeup. It washes off with plain water and is very safe on the skin. This kit is best for Halloween, themed party and holiday makeup.

11. Zombie Apocalypse Special Effects Makeup - $32.99

Mehron Zombie Apocalypse makeup is the go-to makeup kit for creating the scariest and most realistic zombies. It has everything one needs to do the zombie makeup. Right from bruise ring, blood gel, zombie flesh liquid latex, color cup to mimic zombie flesh, FX Palette for teeth decay to different tools for applying makeup like brushes, puffs, and foam wedges. This kit includes products made with high-quality ingredients and is cruelty-free. It also comes with an instruction booklet that gives step by step pictorial instructions to create zombie makeup. So, achieving that realistic gory zombie look is a piece of cake for anyone without the help of a professional makeup artist. The kit also includes makeup removing wipes for easy removal of the makeup. This makeup kit is ideal for Halloween and other themed parties.

10. Mummified Zombie Special Effects Makeup - $35.99

Designed by the world-renowned makeup artist Bobbie Weiner, the Mummified zombie makeup kit has a comprehensive collection of high-quality makeup items that are required to create a Mummified zombie look with step by step instructions. This special effects makeup kit includes mummy bandages, 3 color foundation wheel, mummy dirt setting powder, green eyeshadow, rotted teeth, and maggots for creating that realistic zombie makeup. This kit also includes makeup tools such as 4 makeup brushes and an application sponge. This makeup kit comes in an easy to carry clear zipper case with a skull keychain and is perfect for any kind of theatrical, Halloween and themed party makeup. 

9. Reusable All Trunk Makeup Carrying Case - $34.03

Shany Carry All Trunk makeup kit is the all-in-one makeup kit one needs for any kind of makeup. It is ideal for theatrical, dance makeup as well as the regular day to day makeup. This comprehensive collection is mainly aimed at the newbies in the makeup world and is reasonably priced. It includes two each of lip glosses, lip liners, lipsticks, blushes, and eyeliners. Four mini eyeshadow palettes, four nail colors and all the required makeup application tools such as brushes, combs, sharpener, mirror, and sponges. This kit also includes manicure and pedicure accessories. Shany is high-quality makeup, which is hypoallergenic and
not tested on animals. It comes in an easy to carry aluminum case and caters to all the makeup needs.

8. Professional Special Effects Makeup Supplies - $39.99

Anyone can become a professional special effects makeup artist with the Aftermath Zombie Makeup Kit. Designed by Bobbie Weiner, a world-renowned makeup artist, and made in the USA, this makeup kit is perfect for both professionals and newbies in the world of makeup. It comes with all the items that are needed for the zombie makeup, like the zombie foundation wheel, zombie FX makeup, charcoal eyeshadow, rotted teeth, a vial of blood, a red eyeliner and all the tools required for the applying the makeup. It comes in a zippered nice carrying case with a skull keychain and is a suitable makeup kit for both professional artists as well as party-goers. It also makes a perfect holiday gift.

7. Professional Severe Trauma Special Effects Makeup - $38.00

Deluxe Severe Trauma Kit is a comprehensive special effects makeup kit required to simulate any kind of wound or bruise. It is an all in one kit that includes a bruise wheel, liquid latex, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, blood gel, modeling wax, red lip-liner, and all the tools like brushes, sponges needed for the application of makeup. This kit comes with a step by step instructions for creating a variety of cuts, bruises, and wounds. With all high-quality professional makeup items, this kit is perfect for Halloween as well as stage makeup. It also makes a very good gift item.

6. 3 Piece Professional Special Effects Makeup Kit - $27.99

This 3 piece Halloween makeup kit is ideal for creating any kind of crazy, fun looks for themed parties and theatre. It comes with a 12 color paint set for face or body painting. These richly pigmented, creamy, high-quality paints are perfect for face, body painting and are safe on skin. The colors can be mixed to create more colors and open endless possibilities for body painting artists. It can be removed easily with makeup remover. It also includes special effects makeup wax and a spatula for creating bruises, wounds, skin additions and is ideal for creating the scary zombie look for the Halloween party. 

5. Large Makeup Kit with Black Case - $36.31

This all in one makeup kit is the perfect starter kit for newbies and makeup enthusiasts. This kit includes eye-shadows, foundations, blushes, powders, lip glosses, lipsticks, nail polishes and other makeup items in myriad colors. All these diverse items needed for makeup are arranged in uncomplicated, space efficient retractable layers. They can be used in combination or separately. This is a must-have kit for any makeup enthusiast aspiring for a professional career in the beauty industry. It comes in a stylish red case and makes a perfect gift for holidays.

4. 4 Piece Special Effects Makeup Set - $48.99

This 4PC Special Effects Makeup kit contains two cases each of body paint and FX makeup, modeling wax, and a spatula for application. This is ideal for any kind of carnival, game day, Halloween, and other themed parties. It can also be used for the special effects stage makeup to create a variety of scary looks. The paints that are included in this kit are high-quality, pigmented and oil based. They are ideal for any kind of body/face painting. They last longer, safe on skin and are easily removable with makeup remover or soapy water. The modeling wax is ideal for creating scary wounds and cuts and even blocking the eyebrows. This makeup wax blends perfectly with the FX makeup supplied with the kit and can be used to create the zombie and other scary looks for Halloween parties and stage performances.

3. Cream Blend Professional Special Effects Makeup Collection - $99.99

Cream Blend Stick Collection is the most comprehensive multipurpose collection makeup items needed for any kind of stage, party, regular, and even special effects makeup. It consists of high-quality makeup items along with the tools needed for its application. This kit is suitable for olive complexion but also comes in medium, fair, dark complexion, and TV/Video shades. The makeup lasts longer with no smudges or dripping and is safe on skin. This is a must-have item for a stage or TV artist. This kit comes with an instructions guide giving step by step instructions to create aged, zombie or any other kind of look needed for any party or performance. This cruelty-free, vegan makeup kit can also make a perfect holiday gift.

2. StarBlend Professional Special Effects Cake Makeup Kit - $99.99

StarBlend Cake Makeup is must-have makeup kit for professional makeup artists and stage performers. This vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free makeup kit from Mehron is made using best materials and caters to every need of a professional makeup artist. This kit is mainly intended for fair complexion and includes full-sized StarBlend makeup cakes, accent shades, modeling wax, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, makeup remover lotion, stage blood, crepe hair, bruise wheel and all the tools needed for the application like brushes, sponges, and foams. This kit also includes step by step instructions for creating the special effects makeup of professional quality.

1. Celebré Professional HD Special Effects Makeup Kit - $119.99

Celebré Professional HD Cream Makeup Kit is specially made for caucasian complexion by Mehron, the leaders in the beauty industry. This makeup kit is made with premium quality products and includes full-size makeup bases, accent shades, makeup remover lotions, color-set powders, black and brown pencils, liquid latex, modeling wax, and stage blood. It comes with all the tools required for the application of makeup. This kit is perfect for any kind of stage, theatre, movies, videos and photography makeup. Even though this kit is meant for professional makeup artists, it is very easy for novices to create stunning aged, zombie and other special effects makeup with the step by step instructions that come with this kit.

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