Top 30 Best Natural Eyeshadow Palettes for Sale Online

Whether you're looking for a small natural eyeshadow palette for traveling or a large palette with a variety of colors, La Cosmica has it all! Browse our top 30 best natural eyeshadow palettes for the perfect product for you (and your friends)! 

30. Natural Matte Eyeshadow by Too Faced - $54.00

This is the perfect natural eyeshadow compact for traveling. The colors are beautifully pigmented and would work for any day to night look. While Too Faced used to have their natural eyeshadow colors in simple cardboard boxes now they have switched over to using metal tins, so they travel better. There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on a makeup product only for it to easily break the first time it's dropped. The tin not only houses the natural eyeshadows themselves but there is a mirror included as well! Talk about getting a sweet deal. 

29. Ultimate Natural Nude Eyeshadow Palettes - $46.95

The best thing about this natural eyeshadow palette is that you are seriously getting your bang for your buck! Not only are the colors versatile but this set includes four different color sets. The four 12-in-1 natural Eyeshadow palettes that are included are Lightly Toasted, In the Nude, Up in Smoke and In the Night, and the all in one palette The Cheeky Trio for sculpting, blushes and highlighting your face. This natural eyeshadow collection is perfect for achieving that natural look that every girl wants. Simply switching to another palette and you can transform your look from natural during the day to glam during the night!

28. Vegan Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Trio by Pacifica - $39.54

While small this natural eyeshadow palette is perfect for on the go! It is so cute and tiny that it can virtually fit in any purse. All of Pacifica's products are Vegan and don't include any animal ingredients including lanolin and beeswax. The brand is 100% cruelty-free, so they do not test their products on animals. The company is very proud of that. This natural eyeshadow is made from an innovative formula that enhances natural makeup. If you want a high pigment and shadow that won't crease then this is perfect for you. The velvety texture comes from the creamy coconut water that is infused with Pacifica products which makes it not only look good but is also good for your skin. The three colors included are Ethereal, Lovely, and Dreamy. 

27. Bare Naturals Eyeshadow Palette by Bare Minerals - $34.81

Bare Minerals is a leading brand in the cosmetology world. This natural eyeshadow palette is the perfect blends of neutral tones that set off a beautiful natural look. The 14 shades that are included are all inspired by the beach and coast. Not only do you get the usual matte finishes but also metallic and frosty finishes that can make any look really pop. The shadows are creamy and blendable, and as always Bare Minerals promotes that their products are still good for your skin. While wearing them solo could have the desired effect what really will stand out is mixing and matching and layering them. For as many new natural eyeshadow colors you get this palette, it is an excellent value! 

26. Natural Coffee and Cream Eyeshadow Palette - $12.87

Benecos Natural Eyeshadow palette has four colors that are the perfect natural eyeshadow combinations. With it, you can create beautiful and exciting looks. While you can use them individually, they are best combined and blended. With all natural vegan ingredients, these shadows are not only long lasting but are also smudge proof. You can put these on in the morning and not worry about them running throughout the day during your busy work. A few touch-ups might be needed before you can head out and party on the town but other than that you can have confidence that your natural eyeshadow will stay looking fabulous. 

25. Nude Natural Eyeshadow Palette - $12.67

Not only do you get 12 amazingly natural eyeshadow shades but with this palette, you also get an applicator brush as well as a mirror! That's a fantastic bang for your buck. The shadows are cased in a tin case which is incredibly sturdy so you won't have to worry about taking it on long trips or it getting smashed during a plane ride. The blending brush is an added benefit because it also has a sponge on one end. 

24. Warm Neutral Natural Eyeshadow Palette - $11.49

With this makeup palette, you will get 35 different shades! This not so little collection is portable and convenient to use whether you are looking for a glamour natural look. You get shimmery, matte, and frosty shades that all blend to create a glamorous look. They are especially perfect to create the classic smokey eye look. These shadows will last you all day no matter what activity you have planned. The formula also boasts that they will not bleed or fade in appearance throughout your day to day life. For the 35 velvety and beautiful shadows you can't beat the affordable price.

23. Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette by Pacifica - $39.95

This Pacifica Powder natural eyeshadow set is beyond gorgeous. While it is set as a powder when you apply, it feels more like a creamy texture and is so velvety soft that it blends easily. The formula is promoted specifically to avoid creases in your makeup as the day goes on and make the blending process one of the easiest around. All Pacifica products are 100% vegan and cruelty, paraben, and petroleum free. Pacifica is also known for adding in ingredients that are amazing for your skin. These shadows include Jojoba and Argan oils. 

22. Natural Matte and Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette - $12.95


This natural Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by women and for women to express their side. There are 16 high-quality pigment-rich colors that allow for durability and blendability. The beautiful hues range from rose gold to the chocolate dark brown and are perfect for any skin type. You will always find new ways to use this palette to create fun and dramatic new looks. This is a must-have palette. You can enhance your natural beauty by using these to enhance your natural beauty or create a glamorous day to night look. These shadows are perfect for special events since they are so shimmery and easily recognizable. The packaging is so lightweight that it is easily portable in a small clutch or purse that you can carry around with you during your day to day life. 

21. Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - $21.28

Not only do you get this amazing natural eyeshadow but this particular set comes with a brush, eyelid primer, a black liner, and a styling guide! You don't have to worry about not knowing exactly what you are doing because there is a detailed step by step instructions that are incredibly easy to follow. The colors are well pigmented but still blendable. The real wow factor is the fact that so many things are added in for such a great price. This would make a fantastic gift for a girl who is just getting into makeup to learn on since it comes in such a sturdy case and is so affordable.

20. Mocha Natural Eyeshadow with Minerals - $9.99

These colors are simply beautiful. If you want a mineral shadow set, then this should be a go to. The price offsets the fact that they may not be all natural but with the colors you get who could complain? These are blendable and versatile, so you don't have to worry about wearing them only certain times of the day. Put on one look and when nighttime falls, and you're ready to party, get a little glam and rock some heavier shadow!

19. Highly Pigmented Natural Eyeshadow Palette - $14.95

This is such a sleek looking palette. Seriously this has to be one of the most simplistic yet beautiful palettes I have seen in a long time; The stark white is a high contrast to the vibrant natural eyeshadow tones that are available. Not only do you get this great palette for the affordable price but you also get a makeup blending brush as well as a mirror. You don't have to worry about not being able to find the right look to go with your outfit either considering there are so many different shades that are bendable and different looking. 

18. Natural Cappuccino Eyeshadow - $16.50

These are fantastic little natural eyeshadow pots! They are all natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free! Not only are these three incredibly beautiful but this company thinks about its consumer because these are so incredibly healthy for your skin and general well being. They include broccoli see which is rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids, Orange peel which provides a protective barrier for your skin and is an antimicrobial, Jojoba oil which is hydrating for your skin and nourishing for your delicate skin cells, and Lecithin which has a high amount of Vitamin B which reduces cholesterol build up in your pores. When you are buying these products, you aren't just buying for the look but also for the healthiness of your skin.

17. Natural Eyeshadow Trio by Gabriel Cosmetics - $24.50

Gabriel Cosmetics produces all natural, certified gluten and vegan free products that are highly sought after. They take into consideration people who have possibly allergies. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, then these are the shadows for you. Gabriel products are free of coal, tar, lanolin, talc, parabens, soy, gluten, phthalates, formaldehyde, peanuts, tree nuts, and nanoparticles. These are highly blendable and long wearing. Their velvety texture gives you a beautiful and youthful look. The products are all made in the United States of America. 

16. Bark Vegan Natural Eyeshadow - $17.99

BaeBlu is all natural and certified organic. While you are only getting one single pot of natural eyeshadow, it is still a beautiful and high pigmented shadow. This product boasts that they are only using natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances. Since they are such a high pigment, it is normal to worry about creasing, but this shadow guarantees a unique no crease formula that was made with conditioning organic materials. 

15. Vegan All Natural Eyeshadow Palette - $18.99

This is a high pigmented trio of 3 all natural eyeshadow cosmetics. This set includes Brass Monkey, Sphinx, and Gold Flare. These mineral natural eyeshadow pigments blend easily and are made with all natural ingredients. These products are all handmade with no harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, parabens, or talk. They are gluten and cruelty-free as well as hypoallergenic. 

14. Gilded Gold Natural Eyeshadow by Ulta - $21.49

This is a 12 color natural eyeshadow palette that includes shimmers, mattes, and glitters. These are not only versatile and beautiful but also highly pigmented. The price is relatively low, but I can't find where the product is made nor was it easy to track down an ingredient list. If you are looking for something that is cheap, then this is a great pick, but you won't find the promises that you do from other companies with this one. 

13. Mystical Natural Eyeshadow Palette by Pacifica - $20.99

Pacifica's Nautica line is on fire right now. They are promoting it everywhere, and the reviews are in! People are in love with this new line! They have reformulated their last attempt at natural eyeshadow, and now they have multiple different shaded palettes that are easily blendable. All of Pacifica's products are gluten and cruelty-free. Each product also has the seal of verified, vegan materials, so you don't have to guess second what kind of product you are putting on your skin. 

12. Chamomile Natural Eyeshadow Duo - $25.00

This is a simple design that gives you a lot of playability when it comes to natural eyeshadow. This is a cute little duo that has a pale nude color and a shimmer to go on top. You don't have to put a lot of effort in when it comes to this set so if you are a low maintained or minimum makeup-wearing girl then this would be a great go to. The price is outstanding considering the colors that you get. This product is also vegan and cruelty-free which is surprising considering it's low cost. 

11. Organic and Natural Pressed Eyeshadow - $25.00

This is a single pressed natural eyeshadow pot that can easily fit in any on the go purse or makeup bag. These are all natural and vegan shadows that are highly pigmented. While you do have to buy them individually, there are 16 different colors to choose from that all boast that they are high blendable and have a long-wearing formula. These are also made without parabens, fragrances, and talc. 

10. Just Deserts Natural Eyeshadow Palette by Tarte - $29.98

Amazonian Clay is one of Tarte's best selling and noteworthy lines that they have produced in recent years. Tartes natural eyeshadow palettes are always gorgeous! This particular palette is very portable and long-lasting. It includes shades that create the perfect smokey eye for either day or night. As always Tarte is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

9. Vegan Pressed Mineral Natural Eyeshadow - $29.00

This is a highly pigmented and naturally pressed mineral formula natural eyeshadow that is vibrant and can make any eye color stand out. Even though these are incredibly pigmented, you won't have to worry about them being harsh on your delicate eyelids and the minerals are healthy for your skin. This company boasts that all of their products are crease free and have long-lasting wearability that you don't have to worry about sweating off. This is an incredibly eco-consciously based company that is certified vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally safe. 

8. Extra Dimension Eyeshadow by MAC - $30.66

MAC is one of the most expensive makeup brands, and a lot of people claim it is more about the brand then it is about the natural eyeshadow itself. If you are looking for a high-end product simply because it is high end and expensive, then this would be your perfect fit. However, since you are only getting one shade, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it. The color itself is strikingly beautiful, and I can't seem to find a decent dupe out there for it, so it's pretty one of a kind. This is the type of product that you want to show off rather than blending it with other shadows to create your look. 

7. Coconut Natural Eyeshadow Trio by Pacifica - $25.95

The colors included in this cute little on the go shadow case are Skinny Dip, Crush, and Lovely. Pacifica is well known for being vegan and 100% animal cruelty-free. They don't use parabens or synthetic materials in their products, so you never have to guess second what kind of chemical you are putting on your sensitive eyelids. These are silky pigments, so you do have to build to make them appear dark on most skin tones. Sadly the size is incredibly small, and most of these were given out by a subscription service as a sample before Pacifica started marketing these as full size. Still beautiful and easily blendable colors just not the best bang for your hard-earned buck. 

6. Vegan-friendly Natural Mineral Eyeshadow - $30.99

Seduction is the perfect name for this dazzling set. This is not in a palette, however, comes with five individual jars full of pigment powder. This is a vastly unknown brand however they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly which means you can have a beautiful look while still being conscious of our furry friends. Since these are pigments, that are made with all natural ingredients, they are incredibly easy to blend. Loose pigments are often put on wet because they dry to be blended and not as intense. The company boasts that all of their products are handmade in the United States of America. They also do not include chemicals, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, parabens, or talc powder. 

5. GO Natural Eyeshadow Palette - $34.99

You might know Belle Pierre shadows from their intense shimmers, but now instead of individual pots, you can get them in this compact palette that is perfect for on the go. Included with the set are a brush and sponge applicator, a mirror, and the most beautiful shimmery shadows. The price might seem a little much considering it isn't exactly a high-end product however with the amount that you are receiving and the extras that are added on this is a perfect addition to any makeup addicts collection. 

4. Natural Eyes Natural Eyeshadow by Too Faced - $49.99

If you are looking for an airbrushed effect, then this is the natural eyeshadow palette that you want. This natural eyeshadow is blendable and luxurious. Though this set doesn't have any applicator, sponge, or brush included it makes up for that by having a very sturdy tin case and a set with a mirror. This set also comes with three cards of step by step instructions to follow along and create your ideal looks. It is versatile, and the looks perform well for a night or a day look. This is the perfect little set for a beginner who is just getting into makeup and wants to figure out exactly what they are doing. 

3. High-Performance Natural Eyeshadow by Tarte - $46.00

Tarte is one of the best makeup brands in the business hands down! The products that they can produce without using any parabens or animal products is amazing. It is rare to find a palette that you can use every single color in the set, but this is definitely one that will get often used no matter the time of the day. The colors will stay throughout the day, but you also can blend them all to create breathtaking new colors and different dimensions. You not only get matte but you can mix the shimmers and sparkles to create a look that is all your own. Some might be turned off by the steep price, but if you are looking for a high-end makeup brand, then this is a go to.

2. Natural Love Natural Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced - $85.68

This Natural Ultimate Neutral Shadow Collection has one of the most beautiful tins that I have ever seen. They did not scrimp when it came to the design and aesthetics. 30 high pigmented and easily blendable shade are included with this palette. It has matte, shimmer, and sparkle tones that are perfect for any type and color of skin. For 30 shades and that beautiful traveling tin, this shadow is well than worth its weight. 

1. Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette by Chanel - $116.50

Chanel is one of the most top rated brands in the makeup world. They boast their sales that their products are some of the best with luxurious ingredients. While these shadows, in particular, will not be the cheapest they will, however, be noticeably luxurious. The Chanel healthy natural eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. It stands out by having a dual highlighting section for shimmery pinks. This set comes with a brush and blender set and also a little mirror. The colors range from dark to brilliantly light and would make the perfect smokey eye look.

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