How to Use a Fleshlight

After looking at all of the sexy orifices and the different accessories, you might be curious about how to use a Fleshlight to enhance your solo sessions or partnered play. The Fleshlight toys are designed to be used in a multitude of ways. Using a Fleshlight is surprisingly simple, and these realistic toys are easy to care for. After using a Fleshlight to reach orgasm the first time, you will never want to go back to the regular form of self-pleasure during your solo sessions. Fleshlights are also an exciting way to bring something new to your partnered sessions, including those times when either you or your partner are traveling.

Gather Your Supplies and Accessories

The first step to using your Fleshlight is gathering up your supplies. First up is lube, which is completely optional with all of the Fleshlights. Some guys like to penetrate the orifice with some lube for friction reduction. The lube also makes the experience more realistic, like how a lady's orifice is wet when she's ready to receive your cock. Only water-based lubes should be used with your Fleshlight sleeves. Using the Fleshlight Water, Fire or Ice lubes delivers an invigorating experience to your solo sessions. If you like a moist entry, apply a little of the lube to the orifice and to your cock. The lube will feel smooth against your balls each time you thrust. Some lube on the clit hood of the lady orifice styles is especially stimulating to your member.


Many guys like to have something to look at during their solo sessions while using a Fleshlight, so you may want to queue up a video or start a digital video chat with your partner. With a two-way video chat, your partner can watch you as you get hard, thrust and achieve your end result. 

Attach the Fleshlight Sleeve to the Case

The Fleshlight cases are mostly mix-and-match with the sleeves. An important part of figuring out how to use a Fleshlight is putting the sleeve into the case. This is easy to do with the caps off. You fit the sleeve around the edge of the case, secure it, then attach the back cap. If you choose a Fleshlight Ice that has a transparent case, the visual effects will work the best if you stick with the Fleshlight Ice transparent sleeves.

The tightness of the cap is what provides the suction. If you like a lot of suction, like a pair of tight lips giving an intense blowjob, tighten the cap. For a lower level of suction to pair with your MILF fantasy, loosen the cap a little. Feel free to experiment until you get the suction level just right. 

Warm Up Your Fleshlight

If you like the feeling of a warm orifice, like the warmth of the throat when you get a blowjob or the inviting warmth of a tight ass or lady orifice, you could warm up your Fleshlight with some warm water running through the sleeve before you penetrate it. Even if you choose not to warm up the Fleshlight sleeve beforehand, the body heat from your member and your thrusts will quickly bring the sleeve up to body temperature for a realistic experience.



Get into Position

With the Fleshlight, you can get off in any position that you like. If you are more of a traditionalist, you can lean back in your favorite chair, stretch out on the sofa, sit at your desk chair or spread-eagle on your bed and get started with your solo session. The Fleshlight Go, which is a compact and lightweight version of the Fleshlight Flight, allows for an increase in moves if you are engaging in partnered play. The sleeker profile of the Fleshlight Go's case makes it easier for your partner to reach it from behind you, under you or around you. 

Another fun method of discovering how to use a Fleshlight is with one of the mounting accessories. Hands-free Fleshlight mounts allow you to penetrate the orifice doggy-style. Your hands are free to play with your nipples, your partner's nipples or to do anything else that you have in mind. If you like to stand while thrusting, the hands-free mounts allow you to do just that. Place the mount on the flat surface of your choice, such as a desk or table. It also works on a bed.

If you have had a fantasy that involves a shower, then the Fleshlight shower mount is the natural choice for your solo pleasure sessions. Using a Fleshlight in the shower is easy with this mount. It uses suction cups to attach to the shower wall. You adjust the height to whatever feels comfortable based on your height and the length of your cock. You can also adjust the angle of penetration of the sleeve, allowing you to simulate oral, anal or vaginal sex in the shower.

Immerse Yourself in a Virtual Fantasy or Real-Life Video Chat

Sometimes, realistic imagery is exactly what you need in order to bring your fantasies to life. The Vstroker adapters and accessories, the Fleshlight Launchpad and the Fleshlight Liberator allow you to bring your wildest ideas to fruition. These accessories work with all of the Fleshlight toys, allowing you to pair your preferred orifice or Fleshlight girl lips or ass with a virtual reality environment.


The Vstroker toy pairs with Vstroker content on your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computer. You plug your Fleshlight into the adapter, and it keeps track of your stroke depth and speed. The software uses your movement to update the images you see and the sounds that you hear. You could also set the Vstroker to take control for you. Put on the Vstroker content that you prefer, then start thrusting as the Fleshlight responds by vibrating at slower and faster speeds.

Another great digital accessory to pair with your Fleshlight toy is the Fleshlight Launch. The Launch delivers a completely automated experience, and you can use it manually or pair it for an interactive fantasy. The technology is powered by Kiiroo, which allows you to sync your toy with encoded content. There are webcams with live users at the other end, games, virtual reality, and encoded videos to explore. The Launch takes charge of the speed and length of your strokes, and each piece of content involves a unique stroke and speed experience. You switch the content with the innovative touch control system. Once you have input your preferences, just relax and enjoy the experience. 

Enjoy Pleasure with Your Partner

Fleshlight toys are not just for solo sessions. In addition to using your Fleshlight sleeves and cases for self-pleasure, your partner can use them with you. Partnered play with the Fleshlight toys can take on a wide variety of themes. With the Quickshot Vantage, your partner can see you as you get hard. When you're ready, your partner can control the direction of your end result. Seeing your hard cock perform could be an incredible turn-on to your partner.

Fleshlight toys can also be a part of achieving orgasms in alternative ways to the traditional positions. Your partner can do some oral stimulation on your nipples or use one of the anal toys to reach your male g-spot while you are thrusting into one of the Fleshlight sleeves. Fleshlight also makes dildos, so you and your partner could take turns pleasuring each other with the dildo for mutual anal stimulation.

The Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is also a fun toy for partnered play. Since it is fully transparent, your partner will be able to see your entire performance, from start to finish. A unique feature of the Torque Ice is that it has a way of magnifying the size of your cock when you look through the sleeve. This could be a turn-on when you're alone, too.

Take a Quick Trip

Travel can be stressful, but you will get the release you need when you bring the Fleshlight Go along with you. This compact toy is just 7 inches long, with an insertable length of 6.5 inches. Its case is also thinner around, making it easy to grasp. It has a discreet design that easily passes through airport security without the agents realizing that it is a sex toy.

Whether you are traveling or not, sometimes you want a Fleshlight sleeve that will bring you to orgasm without you having to do a lot of work. When this is the case, the Fleshlight Turbo is what you need. It delivers a realistic blowjob, beginning with just the right level of tightness to tease your tip. As you thrust in, the Turbo provides a sensation of light flicks of the tongue, which brings many men to orgasm just thinking about it. About halfway in, the canal tightens to mimic the back of the throat, then the canal opens back up again to tease and massage the head of your shaft. Pair it with the Fire lube, and you will get the prompt orgasm that so many men desire. If you would like to last longer with your realistic blowjob, pair it with the Ice lube to slow things down a bit.

Build Your Stamina

When you are looking to build your stamina and last longer for your partner, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is the right choice. This method of learning how to use a Fleshlight allows you to get in all the practice sessions that you need in order to reach your goal time. The Stamina Training Unit features a durable case with a golden finish that is easy to recognize. There are two available sleeves, one in the lady lips style with a clit hood and the other with a perfectly circular opening to simulate oral or anal sex.

The Stamina Training Unit's sleeve has intense ribbing and beads on the inside. These ribs and beads intensify the experience. Not only do you have to work to maintain control when thrusting into the lady unit, but you also experience sensations that are as close to vaginal sex as it gets. The Pure sleeve also has an intense interior that is filled with ribs and nubs. About halfway into the sleeve, the canal tightens just like the back of a throat does. After that, it flares open in order to provide plenty of space for the sculpted tip of your cock and for your release.

Caring for Your Fleshlight

After a satisfying solo or partnered session with your favorite Fleshlight toy and sleeve, you will need to take a few minutes to clean the Fleshlight so that it is ready to receive you the next time. Learning how to use a Fleshlight properly includes washing and drying it. Be sure to have the Fleshwash and the Fleshlight Renewing Powder or the Power Pack on hand. These Fleshlight product care items allow you to maintain the lifelike texture, sleekness and softness of the sleeves. The sleeves should be washed after each use and powdered after a few uses. These care products will help your Fleshlight sleeves to feel as supple as they did the first time that you had an orgasm in them.

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