How to Use a Fleshlight Go

Whether you travel a lot or you live in a small apartment that does not have a lot of storage, the Fleshlight Go is a great product collection to have. This line of Fleshlight products allows you to get that release that you desire. The Fleshlight Go comes in the traditional case or the Ice case, which allows you to see your performance. There are two sleeve insert types, which are the Torque and the Surge, each capable of delivering powerful sensations during your thrusts. The Fleshlight Go collection is perfect when you are traveling by plane, bus, train, or car as they easily fit into your carry-on or checked luggage.


Using the Fleshlight sex toys for men is a delight to your senses. The interior of the sleeves is made from the patented SuperSkin, which has a lifelike feel. The supple texture of the orifice wraps around your member just like real lady lips do. The interior of the sleeve is uniquely textured with a series of nubs and ridges to massage your cock in all the right ways. These sleeves are easy to pack discreetly, and they allow you to climax at the time and place that you desire.

After a long day on the road or on a plane, a release may be just what you need to unwind and unload stress. The Fleshlight Go is always ready for you. Using it is easy, and it gives your hands a break. One of the best parts of the Fleshlight Go collection is that it does not attract undue attention from airport security. It is also light in weight, which means that you can bring it along in your carry-on bag without going over the airline's weight or size limits.

You could choose a starter kit for the Fleshlight Go collection. These traveler's packages allow you to have more fun when you are away from your partner and when you have a solo fantasy that you would like to act out. It is also a great choice if you are interested in boosting your bedroom performance with some practice sessions while on the road. 

What Is Unique About the Fleshlight Go Toys?


The Fleshlight Go collection is designed to be more compact than the original Fleshlight cases and sleeves. However, you don't need to worry as it will still fit comfortably even if you are on the well-endowed side. If you're wondering about how to use the Fleshlight Go given its compact size, there is no difference in how it works when comparing it to the full-sized Fleshlight products. The case itself is what is more compact. From orifice to cap, the Fleshlight Go measures 7 inches. The insertable length is 6.5 inches, which is the same as the original Fleshlight toys. The diameter of the Go's case is also more compact than the original's. The Go's diameter is about 1 inch smaller, but the opening is the same size.

With the Go, you will still enjoy all of the exquisite detail of the lady orifice. It has sculpted lips at the opening, which are made of the SuperSkin material, just like the interior of the sleeve. The lips are perky and rounded with a bit of fullness just like a lady's natural shape. The clit hood is there as well, providing your balls with some extra stimulation during each thrust.

Choose a Style of Fleshlight Go Sex Toys

There are two product lines in the Fleshlight Go collection. The Surge Lady has the pink sleeve that looks just like the original Pink Lady Fleshlight toy. This sleeve has a unique texture that begins with a tight opening and flares with ribs that are angled in multiple directions. The ribs are followed by a few rings that grasp your cock all the way around, followed by more ribs for 360 degrees of stimulation.


The case for the Surge Lady Fleshlight Go offers helpful grips that allow you to maintain control of the case while you are thrusting. The smaller diameter of the case means that it is easy to hold onto. The ergonomic design creates intense sensations and suction for the smooth delivery of your end result. The case is black, and the sleeve is a blush pink color. 

You could also select the Torque Ice, which offers transparent sleeves. If you like to see yourself as you achieve your result, this is a great option. The sleeve has a non-anatomical orifice, and the entry is slightly puckered and tight, providing you with a hug all the way around the head of your member. The interior of the sleeve offers a much different experience. The texture alternates between tight rings with close ribbing and flares with ribs that are wider. This creates an intensely satisfying experience. Another difference between the Surge Lady and the Torque Ice toys is that with the Torque Ice, you get to see your member with each thrust, making it an ideal choice if you like to watch yourself grow hard and long. You can also see your release, which intensifies the solo experience.

The case for the Torque Ice is also transparent, so you can see through both the case and the sleeve as you pleasure yourself. It is durable and easy to keep clean after use. If you are pleasuring yourself while your partner watches in-person or with technology, this sleeve and case set provides the ultimate view. The case has the same ergonomic design and hand grips as the black case.

Boost Your Bedroom Performance With the Fleshlight Go

If you are looking to enhance your stamina, Fleshlight Go products are the way to go. They provide a tight opening and canal for reaching all of your erogenous zones. These sleeves are also ideal for men who are on the shorter or slimmer side because the ribs, nubs, and beads grasp your penis from every direction.

The imagery provided by the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice stimulates your brain's visual center. Each time you see your hard cock thrust into the case, getting longer and harder, it's like watching a video with yourself as the star. When you finally unleash your load, you get the satisfaction that comes from seeing and feeling your release. If you have a partner watching, seeing the end result could also help with a more intense mutual or side-by-side masturbation session.

Try the Fleshlight Go for Solo Sessions

Whether you already boast a stellar bedroom performance or you are looking to add some excitement to your fantasies, the Fleshlight Go is a natural choice. The area in which the Fleshlight Go really excels is during your solo sessions. The tightness of the orifice ensures that you experience intense sensations from the very beginning. Hold it in your hands while thrusting and watching one of your favorite videos or a new video.

You can enter the Fleshlight Go Surge Lady or Torque Ice bare or with protection. If you are using it bare, you might want to try it with one of the slick Fleshlight lube products. The starter kits come with bottles of the Fleshlight Fire, Ice and Water lubes. The Fleshlight Fire lube delivers a warming sensation to your penis, making your experience more lifelike. The Ice lube is nice and slippery, just like she is when she is ready to receive your member. The Water lube allows your cock to glide in and out of the sleeve with ease.

The Fleshlight Go toys can also be paired with the sleeve warmers. If you like a warm, wet and tight orifice to thrust into, the sleeve warmer is sure to enhance your solo sessions. The sleeve warmer brings up the sleeve to body temperature, making your experience more realistic. Even if you use the Fleshlight Go as is, it will warm up to your body temperature after a few minutes of thrusting into it.

Why the Fleshlight Go Is the Natural Choice for Partnered Play

While the Fleshlight Go is great when you want to relax by yourself and enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm, it could also enhance your partnered sessions. If you are taking a vacation with your partner, bringing a few sex toys along will make your vacation something truly memorable. There may also be times when you are ready for a release but your partner would prefer to sit back and watch you get off. The Fleshlight Go makes it easier to orgasm, and your partner could touch you in other places that are just as stimulating.

The Fleshlight Go is a great toy to use when you are traveling for work or leisure and your partner is unable to make the journey with you. Another method of how to use the Fleshlight Go is to set up a live video chat with your partner using your preferred app on your laptop or smartphone. Once you have established a digital link with your partner, get started with your performance. Your partner can watch as you thrust into the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice for an optimal view of your end result.

Advantages of the Fleshlight Go Products

If you have wondered how to use the Fleshlight Go compared to other Fleshlight toys, the answer is easy: You can use it in the same ways as the originals. Connect it to the Fleshlight Launch Pad and enjoy a hands-free solo session. The Launch Pad allows you to enjoy your release doggy-style. You could also pair it with a shower mount at home, doubling your pleasure. 

Since this collection is compact and lightweight, there are few limits on how to use the Fleshlight Go. No batteries are required, and the only noises made are the ones that come from you. These toys would make a great addition to your camping gear if you're into nature or outdoor adventures. 

Packing Your Fleshlight Go Case and Sleeves

Packing your Fleshlight Go case and sleeves is easy. There is a cap that fits over the orifice. This cap protects the orifice and sleeve from any dust and from intrusive eyes as you unpack your belongings. If you have an extra sleeve or two to bring along, it will easily fit in your duffel bag or backpack along with the case already containing a sleeve. The small, 4-ounce bottles of lube are lightweight and have a spill-proof lid.

If you are flying, you can transfer the lube into a smaller container to meet TSA guidelines on flying with liquids. Since the Fleshlight Go does not use any batteries, you can bring it with you in your carry-on, adding a bit of convenience to your trip. You will not have to worry about the TSA losing your favorite toy since it will be with you the entire time that you're traveling.

Care for Your Fleshlight Go After a Few Uses

After each release, you experience with the Fleshlight Go, be sure to clean it so that it is ready for use again. To clean the Fleshlight Go, remove the sleeve and rinse it with warm water. Squirt some of the Fleshwash into it and then rinse it again. Allow the sleeve to fully air-dry. It is also a good idea to powder the sleeve after a few uses. The Fleshlight Renewing Powder is designed to restore the original texture of the SuperSkin sleeve. You can get both of these products in the So Fresh and So Clean Pack. The Fleshlight Go is the perfect travel companion for satisfying your needs.

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